Websearch.searcholic.info is categorized as a Browser Hijacker, which made its presence on the targeted system without user's consent. Mostly it infiltrates the Windows PC without giving prior notification. Several malware experts has identified its presence in freeware and shareware and when user downloads their selected application it also get attached with the targeted system automatically. […]

Passion Fruit Rewards impersonate like a very fruitful software program for online shopping lovers. The programs claims to redeem your case while online shopping on various commercial websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. As per advertisements it provides you free coupons, special discount offers, best deal offers, product comparison facility and many more. These promises tempts […]

Servicehomeocean.info is recognized as a browser hijacker program which allow malware, unwanted programs, and unauthorized access on your computer. The program is developed by cyber criminals to attack on your windows computer, target the explorer to spy and optimize user's online activities. The program generally comes bundled with free of cost software or as an attachments […]

You may have to suffer with Infostealer.Kronbank Trojan horse virus on your windows computer if you have ignore any preventive measures. The trojan infection can easily invade your computer system by various deceptive installation methods or through vulnerabilities on your computer. Using of outdated operating system without update patches, file sharing on an unsafe network, using outdated […]

Em.appliedfile.com is recognized as a nasty browser hijacker program which has assailed various Windows PC by its destructive activities on compromised system. The program is compatible with almost all running Windows edition and trusted web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. By the display of its graphical appearance and sensational description it seems […]

If you are getting Ads by Cheap4all on your computer screen then it means your system has been infected with this Adware program. Usually it comes bundled with free application and when user download their selected application from unsafe sources then it also get attached with the PC without user's consent. After successful invasion it […]

Portal-12.checker-24.com is realized as a malicious domain which pretend as a legit search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. But the reality is just opposite from its endorsement, actually it is a very dangerous program and most its malicious feature matches with browser hijacker. The codes of this malicious domain program is distributed widely through different […]

PUM.Chrome.Extpol is a frightful Trojan virus infection for windows computer which generally sneak into your computer without notifying any installation process by user. This happens due to the stealthy installation methods which is applied by this Trojan horse virus during common activities on Internet made by users. As for illustration, downloading of free software application […]

SuperPlusRadio is an adware program in actual but it impersonate as an useful and legit toolbar on Windows web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. The program is designed and scripted by some evil minded software authors to spy on Internet users activities, collect informations about their surfing behavior and interests. They […]

You want to get rid of Spns.seriousads.net browser redirect virus on your Windows computer but all your efforts of removal has end up with no results. You should to try more advance and automated tool instead of depending on conventional anti virus programs because this redirect virus is very insistent in nature and developed with advance persistence […]