Trojan.DNSChanger is categorized as a perilous Trojan and some malware experts has identified this threat with the name of OSX/Puper, OSX.RSPlug.A and OSX/Jahlav-C. It has been recently developed by online hackers to trick users and make money. Actually with the name of Trojan.DNSChanger, it can be easily understand that it mainly affect Windows registry as […]

CryptoWall 3.0 is classified as highly hazardous ransomware which belongs to CryptoWall family. Generally it enters in the targeted computer without user's consent. Once it successfully installed then it will start various malicious activities inside the system. First of all it will import several important files having extension .doc,.jpg,.pdf and also .txt. After that it […]

Various Malware experts detected A-Secure 2015 as a Fake Security Program. Which is one of the most active member of Braviax/FakeRean rogue antivirus family. It gets installed on the computer without taking user’s permission. Generally it postures itself as a legitimate and genuine security program which can save your PC from malware infection. But the […]

Dollar Keeper is identified as an adware by various malware experts. Mostly it affects Windows PC and infiltrate in form of browser extension. Usually it postures itself as a genuine and useful application to save your time and money as well while shopping online. Apart from that it also claims to enrich your browsing experience. […] is a web address which is used by the spammers to perform malicious activity one compromised system and to full fill there illicit need. As you search for this domain does not get any result except white screen. Spammers uses this types of domain to promote malicious program on the web and to cause […]

Win32.Conduit-B is categorized as a high risk Trojan which is capable to affect Windows based system seriously. Mostly it penetrates the targeted PC via Spam email attachments, infected links, downloading unethical stuffs, sharing corrupted USB or external drives etc. When it successfully settled on the computer then it remain in hidden form in the root […]