TrojanDownloader:Win32/Dropdrans.A is categorized as a destructive Trojan which belongs to Dropdrans Trojan horse family. It mostly infects Windows system and after successful invasion it execute various harmful activities from system background. No doubt it has been designed by cyber crooks with advance and special code, so that it can bypass system scan even without being […]

Win32/Kryptik.CWXG is one of the highly notorious Trojan which has been recently designed with advance code and syntax. It is capable to affect almost every Windows version including XP, Vista, 7, 8 etc. No doubt it is infects system settings along with internal part of the OS configuration. Today hackers used to spread Win32/Kryptik.CWXG rapidly […]

Better-Fox-Finder is identified as an Adware which mostly affects famous web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. It does that to manipulate search results and promote products and services of their developers. Cyber crooks has designed this potentially unwanted adware to trick users and make money. Once entered successfully, it starts showing […] is classified as a pesky browser hijacker which has been recently designed by Internet hackers to take control of the targeted PC and use it for malicious purposes. Generally it infiltrate Windows PC via freeware download, visiting and downloading unethical sites as well as stuffs respectively. After being inside the computer first thing it […]

Match Pal Ads are adware program which target Windows computer by pretending itself as a legit program that assist web browsers like Google chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. Mainly it lures online shopping lovers by claiming that the program works in the background to search free coupons, discount offers, best deal offers, […]

If you are forced to watch pop-up ads on the interface of your Windows web browser then it is an indication of upcoming severe losses due to malicious activities of a nasty program. The program is able to attack and capture all type of used web browsers on Windows PC and optimize user's browsing […] is identified as a Suspicious Domain which mainly affects almost every web browser present in the Windows based system. It is capable to affect and modify internal settings of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. Its prime objective is to deceive computer user and make money. In order to achieve this target, […]

Clock Hand is categorized as am Adware which gets installed on the targeted PC without user's consent. It claims to make your browsing experience more effective and save your time and money as well while purchasing online. It promises the computer users to allow get best and most suitable deals and offers in just few […]