Are you eager to make your system and the browser's activities free from Do you want to know how this redirect virus invaded on your computer? Do you find replaced homepage and different search engine when open the browser? If your answer is yes then be careful, it is seems that PC has been […]

Hi, couple of days before I have scanned my laptop with installed antivirus and It detected w32/sality.gen.z trojan and I had removed it immediately. But after every Windows restart it appears again and now I frequently get security alert for this trojan. I want to get rid of w32/sality.gen.z as soon as possible and for […]

Are you frequently asked to download Rapid Media Converter on your PC? Are you become fed-up with such type of ads? Is you browser respond weirdly and are you getting issue while trying to access certain web page? If yes then it means your PC has been infected with Potentially Unwanted program. But now no […]

Have you asked to download unwanted applications? Are you forced to install bogus and fake updates? Have you been redirected to Are you getting expected issue while surfing Internet? If your answer is yes then you need to be cautious and try to remove from your system immediately and to know how it […]

Last night I have downloaded one video from Internet, before doing that everything was normal and my PC also works efficiently. But after that something went wrong and after scan I got Win32/TriMore.A. I have tried several ways to remove it but failed everytime I tried. Need some help to uninstall Win32/TriMore.A completely from my […]

Everytime I opened the web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others I got Walmeris and its associated pop-ups on my screen. Apart from that I also found some unwanted extensions and BHO on my browser. I have noticed that my homepage has been changed and I could not find required search results, rather […]

Few days ago I have downloaded one program and after that I have noticed Ads by ShopSmart appears on every page I visit. It makes my work difficult to be accomplished. I tried several ways to uninstall ShopSmart from my browser and I have also reset the browser settings. But unfortunately I failed to get […]