CryptoFortress is a type of a Ransomware program that is purposely designed to hijack your system and make it hostage. It encrypts your system's file and demands for ransom money in form of Bitcoins (1 Bitcoin is eqaul to $250 approx) in favor to provide decryption key. Once being hostage this ransomware virus encrypts files […]

Learn 2 Fly 2 is an adware program which constantly displays various adware program on your computer screen. If you are getting ads and pop-ups by this adware then you are a victim of this threat. Are you anoyed of this web advertisements, sponsored ads, pop-ups and other questionable contents to the sites you are […] is a browser hijacker or an ad-supported malicious domain which hampers your system performance. This malicious program displays warning pop-ups frequently showing that your computer is in risk. It opens back door pour potentially harmful programs to your system. If this browser hijacker stays to your system for long then your system data may […]

Hi! there. Recently my anti spyware program detected JS:Redirector-ZI as a Trojan Horse. I am very afraid because I had listen about Trajan that they are very dangerous virus and make potential harm to your system. This Trojan is making the performance of my PC very sluggish day by day and some times I am […]

MonsonRevenue Ads starts displaying on my computer screen unexpectedly. I have deleted it by clicking on the cross button, but after next launch of web browser, it appears automatically. I get frustrated by seeing this, because it creates difficulty in my online work. What should I do to get rid of MonsonRevenue Ads quickly from […]

After scanning the computer I got the presence of WebDiscover Browser on my computer. It has modified my web browser's internal settings. Due to that several new tab get open automatically, redirection issue is being faced and other problems arise during online work. What should I do make PC and browsers free from WebDiscover Browser […]

Are you facing pop-ups on your browser after launching it? Is this creates issues and ask you to download available updates? Don't you want this type of ads on the computer screen during online work? Are you looking for immediate solution? If yes then be careful and must get rid of pop-ups quickly […]

Are you getting as your default homepage? Are you rerouted to unknown and unsafe domains unwillingly after clicking the web results? Is your browser filled with annoying ads and pop-ups? If yes then be careful and do not go for any secret and confidential transactions until you remove completely from the browser. You […]