SaveNewaAppz is categorized as an Adware which mainly affects web browser installed on targeted computer. It is capable to modify internal settings of all most every browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc. Prime objective of SaveNewaAppz is to trick users and make money. As far as its goal concern, you may receive […]

DealCabby is identified as an Adware which made its presence i form of add-on on the targeted computer. It claims to enhance your browsing experience and also save your time as well as money while purchasing online. To pretend itself legitimate it display several false pop-up messages and advertisement on your computer screen. To make […]

UpgradeStance is detected as an Adware program designed to earn money. Mostly it affects those computer which has Internet connection. Because its main work is to promote products and services of their developer and convince users to click them. After doing that traffic will be generated along with revenue at the same time. Although UpgradeStance […]

Skeleton Key is detected as a dangerous Trojan which has been newly designed by cyber crooks to affect Windows computer. Mainly through this infection, hackers injects keylogger to record your online as well as off-line activities along with keystrokes used on the associated computer. Due to that spammers can easily collect your sensitive data and […]

If you are getting AgHelp.dll RunDLL error pop-up on your computer screen unexpectedly, then it means your system has been infected with an adware or potentially unwanted program such as Arcade Parlor and Arcade Giant etc. In these situation, usually, you will get false error message saying important .dll file is missing or not working […] is categorized as a Browser Hijacker which applies every possible tricks to infect targeted computer computer by injecting malware infections without user's consent. Usually its associated domains seems like useful and legitimate from where you can download and install different type of software and programs free of cost. But in reality it is a […]

EasyPDFCombine Toolbar is one of the potentially unwanted program which get installed on your web browser without taking your approval. It lies in an Adware category and developed by Mindspark Interactive Network Inc. Although it is not a virus, but it is also suggested that do not install it to accomplish tasks like what it […]

Trojan Horse Agent3.AYIB is one of the most dangerous Trojan which can affects your Windows system severely and make it vulnerable. It has been newly designed by cyber thugs to gain system access remotely. Mostly it infiltrate targeted system via download of malicious stuffs from unethical sites, if you visit unsafe domain, click infected links […]