AnySend seems a very useful and legit program to help Internet users by allowing them to send any file of any size to any where but in actual it is a very nasty adware program. The program is scripted by a group of some very ravening and vicious software programmers earn money by violating privacy […]

If is now your new home page on web browser then it indicates about an infection of malicious domain on your computer. The domain seems like a legit and a genuine search engine to find websites, images, videos, news, etc over Internet but security experts have defined it as a very dangerous and malicious […]

Is your Windows computer is infected with Backdoor:Win64/Bedep.A? Which is a very hazardous backdoor Trojan virus. This Trojan virus is used to spy on user's web activities, installing more malware and viruses on compromised computer, modification or deletion of files, data theft, electronic money theft by stealing confidential information of payment card, account hacking by […] is a potentially unwanted program on your Windows computer system and appearance of annoying pop-up fake notification for web forgery. The notification appearance randomly on any browsed web page and with alert message that has blocked the web page for the security of your personal or financial information. Although you can close the […] is a very dangerous browser hijacker program which impersonate like a legit website which provide facility to monitor your software applications and free of cost updates. Number of Internet users have misguided by appearance of its fake notification for software update and install high risk malware on their computer or lose the privacy of […]

If you are getting unwanted ads and coupons by Couponpueke then you should know that your system has been infected with this adware. Mostly it affects Windows based PC without user's consent. Various malware experts has identifed it infiltration via freeware or shareware download from unsafe sources. Actually it comes bundled with free applications and […] is a very hazardous browser hijacker for all Windows web browsers. The malicious program is generated by a expert team of cyber criminals with all evil intension to spy on users web activities to collect personal and financial information, web search behavior and habits. The program is able to establish connection with remote server […]

If Ads by siAvernaeet is frequently appearing on the interface of any Windows web browser then the user should realize that the computer and browser is contaminated with a potentially unwanted program which has no any virus definition but contains very nasty codes. The PUP targets online Windows PC and enters with downloading and installation […] is a suspicious program which enters on Windows computers with various wicked objectives. In these days Internet users frequently download useful software products which is distributed at no cost under promotional schemes. But these freeware often carry other unwanted programs of unreliable vendors which also get installation by employing deceptive installation methods. So downloading […]

Trojan.Ransomlock.G is a Trojan horse which is used by cyber crooks to lock desktop of infected Windows computers. After making your computer so unusable the Trojan virus pretend as a ISP security institution which is associated to cyber law. After blocking the contaminated system it scare users to pay ransom because illegal and criminal activities […]