LocKerPin Reset PIN And Lock SmartPhones: Beware of LocKerPin Ransomware

LocKerPin Ransomware

If you think your lock screen PIN can keep your smartphone as well as it data safe from others, then regretfully I would like tell that you are wrong. Unfortunately now it has become possible by LocKerPin that is classified as a ransomware threat and it has the ability to hijack your android phone by violating it safety and make it available for hackers as a slice of bread. After doing research on this malware panel of experts has reveled that it is one of the latest infection and LocKerPin reset PIN to lock Android Phone, tablet and other android gadget. Actually it is identified as a Android/Lockpin.A and main objective is to trick users and make money. In this regard, it will modify security PIN of your smartphone screen and force you to pay $500 or €450 as a ransom amount. Here android users can find detail analysis of LocKerPin Ransomware.

Know How LocKerPin Ransomware Works

LocKerPin Ransomware

As soon as get installed on your android device, LocKerPin Ransomware will trick users and get administrator level authority and privilege by showing an installation window on the top of activation notice for bug patch. After that it also ask users to click on “Continue” button and when user do so then it gain access of victimized android. As a result LocKerPin will make several changes in internal settings of smartphone using randomly generated number. This type of number has not been sent to its creator, due to that if your screen PIN get changed by this threat then no one can get it back to unlock it. In this situation only use of factory reset option is left. Which no one want to opt in any circumstances as it creates huge data loss situation.

According to ESET, LocKerPin ransomware take advantage of victimized android users to lose stored data on the smartphone as factory reset is the last option as per the user’s knowledge. But wait, you should know that it is only an option which one can opt when there is no crutial or essential data has been stored on the computer. No matter in which part of the you belongs to, it has been spotted throughout the world. However LocKerPin has reset screen PIN in the United states the most.

Know How To Get Rid Oc LocKerPin Ransomware Completely

LocKerPin Ransomware

Although factory reset option is available to make android device free from LocKerPin ransom threat, but is also not an effective way. As it creates data loss issue and user never want to lose their precious data not even think about that. In this regard you are advised that connect your smartphone with your PC and open the system in safe mode. After that try to uninstall it by using anti-malware removal tool. If it could not be done then try to create backup of your important files. Once backup has been created successfully then you only need to opt factory reset option and get rid of LocKerPin ransomware threats successfully. It will make your PC as it was before like a newly bought smartphone.

Important Points To Remember

If you do not want to face such type of issue and never want to encounter with LocKerPin Ransomware while accessing android phone then you must get the below mentioned points and memories it forever.

  • Do not trust any unknown programs and unwanted message and must not move forward with the given options.
  • Always install applications only from Google Playstore to avoid possibility of being infected with malware infection.
  • You should not grant and approve admin level privilege and permission to untrusted apps.
  • Do not go for fake and bogus software, application and other unknown updates specially when your smartphone is connected with Internet.

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