DDoS-for-hire Services Hacked: Sabotage on Organization’s Detail

What DDoS Stand for And What DDoS Can Do


As it is well known DDoS short form of Distributed Denial of Service. It can be classified as in below given ways, take a look:-

1. Traffic Attack:- Usually this type of attack transmit large amount of UDP, ICPM and TCP to the targeted system. Along with that legitimate request can be lose and it has been done by malware exploitation.

2. Application Attack:- In this attack, data and messages of applications layer will consumes resources and leave the services of the targeted system unavailable.

3. Bandwidth Attack:- The DDoS attack will create huge amount of junk data and it turns into the loss of network bandwidth along with equipment resources and due to that you will find complete denial of the services.


In Today’s Scenario DDoS attack has become very common and due to that Booter as well as other services are being affected and its number is growing rapidly. After research it has been clear that One hour of DDoS attack can cost around $40, 0000 for an organization. In which, despite of software and hardware damage, financial and sensitive data theft along with loss of revenue, IP theft, losing consumer trust and other are included. This problem is frequent so one should take it seriously to keep their websites and organization’s data safe.

Ways to Damage DDoS-for-hire services

Generally does not know that their one simple move such creating PayPalseize, using which one can offer booter services can be paid and the business would become more difficult for the users. Other than that in few cases, business also get affected with unexpected reasons. Furthermore, if CloudFlare stop providing the protection against DDoS attack then some other things can also help them to destroy these services. Most of the booster uses CloudFlare protection in order to cover the ISP hosting and their servers to protect them from DDoS attack. Its related diagram has been given below which allow you to know about this issue in convenient manner.


Some real Facts Associated with DDoS Attack

  • Most of the DDoS attack is being done by comparatively unsophisticated attackers which has purchased low cost subscription of DDoS-for-hire services.
  • Usually consumers like to pay for their booter services using PayPal rather than Bitcoin.
  • Few among operators which provides booter services are prefer to get high-bandwidth Virtual private servers for the hackers inspite of trusting botnets.
  • Geolocation information that has been provided by PayPal, more than 44% of the customers and merchants related with booters are associated with US based individuals.
  • Booter services allow a bit different type of attack from amplified volume based attack that is preferred one among others.

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